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Rating 4.5 | 01-26-2017
Review by Mark M.
Project: Build an addition
I think that Jeff is a super qualified builder. I am thrilled with him and am very, very happy with his work. He made the whole process very easy. It was quick, on budget, and on time. It was a very pleasant experience from start to finish.
Rating 4.5 | 01-26-2017
Review by Andrew R.
Project: Build an addition
I feel like Jeff is a great guide in the perils of remodeling a house. He has the ability to take your drawings, ideas and budget and give you a reality check. At the same time, he also gives wonderful advice on aesthetics and design. He had great suggestions for our entryway and front door in our project.
Rating 5.0 | 09-04-2016
Review by Duncan B. in Seattle, WA
Project: Build or Replace a Deck or Non-Masonry Porch
Jeff took over a long-dormant project which entailed building 4 large balconies for the fourplex I own. The original contractor had to be fired after he made zero progress and wasn't forthcoming about the state of the project. Jeff's firm re-engineered the plans because the original architect over-designed them, and got the permit. The balconies were built quickly, the crew was professional, and Jeff gave updates often.
Rating 5.0 | 07-10-2016
Review by Tsigneh A. in Seattle, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Shoreline, WA, Additions: Three bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. Jeff Nance and his team are great. Jeff and his team are real people. The project is completed on time and on budget. . Jeff is professional who can accomplish a project with no complaint. If I have a project Jeff is the one I would call first.
Rating 5.0 | 06-03-2016
Review by Scott B. in Snohomish, WA
Project: Build an Addition
I hired Jeff and Intermountain Builders to complete a 330 sq ft mother-in-law suite addition to our home last Fall. There was quite a lot of work needed - new foundation, roof, plumbing for bath/kitchenette, etc, etc, etc. Jeff and his team did a fantastic job of getting everything done, both in a timely manner and within the initial budget that we discussed. He is a no-nonsense type of contractor that I prefer - Jeff is not going to hold your hand and sweet talk you through the process, rather he is going to give it to you straight and honest, and you can trust that he will do what he says. The construction had a couple of hiccups along the way which we usually expect, but nothing that would result in reducing our rating of Jeff and Intermountain. He was easy to work with and we are all very happy with the final product that we had when construction was complete. We would certainly go with Jeff on any future projects like this, and we have recommended him to friends and family who have seen his work.
Rating 5.0 | 04-12-2016
Review by Kyle W. in Sammamish, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
Scope of work: 3200 Sq ft complete tear down and rebuild Location: Sammamish Date: Nov'15 - Jan '16 When picking a General Contractor (GC) , quality, schedule, and cost are all super important. Jeff delivered in each of these areas. However, when working on a 1968 home that has plenty of secrets, trust and integrity trumps everything else. In our case, we substantially expanded the scope of work as a result of structural integrity issues that we found after entering into the contract. In addition, there were esthetic issues that were not fully baked in the design phase that also contributed to changes in scope. Each of these changes represented an opportunity for Jeff to significantly increase margin at our expense. Instead, Jeff came with budget friendly solutions that resulted in a finished product that far surpassed the original design. in addition, there were several instances where Jeff acted as a consultant, recommending changes that materially improved the end product that could have been easily overlooked and created problems in the future. The latest text from Jeff reads as follows: "Your house looks great. I appreciate the confidence you have in my abilities and the compliment on the end result. Your willingness to make decisions on the fly with me was the best. We were working without a net (reference to a tight the budget) and we pulled it off" Yes Jeff, pulled it off. We love our new home and are very happy that we partnered with you on the project. Your professionalism, accessibility, patience, and straight-talk through-out was much appreciated. We look forward to referring you to friends and family.
Rating 5.0 | 06-22-2015
Review by Karen M. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
Jeff Nance is the contractor you dream about and rarely find: on site, on time, on budget, communicative, organized, and very professional! In just over 90 days he and his crew removed about 1/3 of our house (2 bedrooms, 2 baths) and completed a remodel and 500 sq. ft. addition with many special, thoughtful enhancements. He was on the job everyday, listened to any concerns or additional ideas we had along the way and made it all happen. We love the final result!
Rating 5.0 | 06-19-2015
Review by Norman M. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff's company added approximately 500 square feet to our house so that we ended up with a spacious master bedroom suite, enlarged guest bedroom and enlarged guest bathroom, and a new roof. The project was completed in approximately 90 days and come in on budget. Jeff was at the site everyday and was in constant contact with me and my wife to make us aware of the progress and next steps. He responds to phone calls or text messages very promptly. Jeff has high standards and makes sure his subcontractors do quality work. If something wasn't right, Jeff made sure it was fixed to our satisfaction. If we decide to do more home improvement work in the future, we will simply call Jeff, no need to go anywhere else.
Rating 5.0 | 06-15-2015
Review by Jonathan K. in Everett, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff handled the build himself. While not a cabinet maker, he created a beautiful deck that is very well made. While not the cheapest; I felt I received good value for the money spent. "on the fly" 'tweaks' to the plan were seamless. I would and have highly recommended this builder.
Rating 5.0 | 04-08-2015
Review by Doug G. in Snohomish, WA
Project: Build an Addition
After some research we selected Jeff's Company, Intermountain Builders for our guest house/office. It was a two car garage with an upstairs office with kitchen and bath. Really a standalone home. Also a new driveway that also put our wiring underground. Jeff communicated very well and had a great attention to detail. Any changes or additional costs were discussed before any decisions were made. Jeff was truly a partner in the project making some great suggestions and recommendations along the way. All of his sub-contractors were polite and hard working. The finished job was perfect. I would hire him again without any reservations.
Rating 5.0 | 01-13-2015
Review by Ivan H. in Lynnwood, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff 's Company, Inter mountain Builders, designed and built a new second floor addition to our house which included a brand new kitchen, the creation of a traditional dining room, and the relocation of an existing desk. Jeff was under a tight deadline to get our project done by Christmas and we are delighted with the wonderful outcome; On time and within our budget! Sometimes, older houses,like ours, can present problems but Jeff and his very experienced crew dealt with the challenges promptly and efficiently, and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone contemplating an upcoming project for their home.
 Rating 5.0 | 01-07-2015
Review by Roy A. in Lynnwood, WA
Project: Build and Addition
This was a remarkeable project that Jeff and his team did for my sister. They added a DR and Kitchen to an older Lynnwood split level. The addition of these two rooms was completed in time for Christmas and is absolutely beautiful. Jeff is always available and always answers his phone. He is a true professional. He kept us informed every step of the way. The addition looks like it has always been there and flows beautifully with the rest of the home. We are so pleased with his work and would not hesitate to recommend him.
 Rating 4.5 | 11-23-2014
Review by Jeff and alarik F. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
Jeff is a true professional. He always kept me up to date on the project, the issues, the recommendations. We had a lot of upgrades to the initial thinking and he was flexible and very capable to getting it all executed. Great set of sub-contractors as well. You can tell they have been working together for a long time.
 Rating 5.0 | 03-04-2014
Review by Thu N. in Bothell, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff and his team were very professional, quick and efficient. They worked hard to please the customers . Our project, the covered and water proof deck turned out beautiful and also affordable. We appreciated the extra things they did for us. Decent contractors are hard to find. We were lucky to find this company and meet Jeff.
 Rating 5.0 | 02-26-2014
Review by Nikki G. in Edmonds, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff is a hands on kind of guy. That is exactly why we hired him. We wanted to be able to work with the owner, not the middle man who has to then go to the owner, for the slightest modifications. Start to finish Jeff kept us informed. An old house renovated and added 800 sq ft. It was a project that had unexpected challenges, which Jeff promptly found solutions to and kept our project moving. Steve was great with the finish work with his skilled talent. The labor crew were as hard of workers as I have ever seen and my dad was a contractor. Hire him and you won't be disappointed!!!! :)
 Rating 4.83 | 01-16-2014
Review by Alex L. in Bothell, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff and his crew were very professional and knew what they were doing. Jeff was very active throughout the project and kept me informed of any issues and progress. I would definatley recommend Intermountain Builders to others.
 Rating 5.0 | 12-16-2013
Review by Alden A. in Lynnwood, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
It's no surprise our project turned out so amazing. From the time we first met with Jeff, we noticed that he listened to us and paid attention to our concerns. He was able to help us design and get what we were hoping for. His team was skilled, professional, and maintained a good rapport with our friends and neighbors. Jeff kept us informed throughout the project and held high expectations for everyone to meet. He has earned our respect for his craftsmanship and integrity. Jeff is a man of his word and we highly recommend him to everyone. (Mstr Bath/Powder Rm/Entry expansions and upgrades)
 Rating 5.0 | 11-24-2013
Review by Kelly H. in Bothell, WA
Project: Remodel a Bathroom
Jeff, Steve and all the guys showed attention to detail and the desire to make sure things were done right and to our satisfaction. They dealt wonderfully with the many issues inherent in an older house and were patient and flexible throughout the project. The end result turned out beautiful. We will definitely come to them for our next projects and highly recommend them.
 Rating 4.83 | 11-03-2013
Review by Preethi Z. in Woodinville, WA
Project: Build an Addition
Jeff finished everything on time and gave us prior notice about what was going to be done.He accommodated to all the changes even at the last minute.We replaced a sliding door to the patio with a french door.We were going to settle for a less than perfect option since the perfect one was out of our budget.But Jeff decided to adjust it in his budget so we would be completely satisfied with what we have.We also got our deck expanded and I was particular about not cutting down a tree which was in the way.He agreed to that too and made the deck look beautiful.We would highly recommend Jeff and JT.
Rating 5.0 | 10-07-2013
Review by Chris H. in Bothell, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
After a 30 year career observing, evaluating, and conducting training for major retailers in customer service, I never expected my finest service experience to come from a construction company. Intermountain Builders exceeded my expectations and delivered on every aspect of their quality, value and satisfaction guarantee. The design/build service provides value in many ways.. A Nordstrom like experience. If after receiving a bid from Intermountain Builders, you would like further information related to my experience, I have given Mr. Nance my home number and permission for you to call me.


Rating 4.83 | 10-03-2013
Review by Allen L. in Lynnwood, WA
Project: Build an Addition
good communication


Rating 5.0 | 07-16-2013
Review by Andrew A. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Remodel or Renovate One or More Rooms
Jeff and his crew were very fast.


Rating 5.0 | 07-14-2013
Review by Jeff J. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Remodel a Kitchen
Jeff did a great job of staying on time and on budget. He brought nice suggestions for us to consider and helped improve on what our original idea was. This was a complete kitchen remodel, everything was removed down to the studs.


Rating 5.0 | 02-24-2013
Review by Holly B. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Build an Addition
We employed Intermountain (Jeff Nance) on the reputation through the reviews we read. He gave us a quote for our roughly 400SF addition, which included a new roof for the entire house, electrical, flooring as well as relocating a window from the main house. We paid a downpayment from which he produced a series of architectural drawings from which we could adjust as needed. As a result we added a bay window and changed a few dimensions. Jeff took it from there and handled all permits etc as well. Jeff was on time (working seven days a week so times) and completely within the original budget. Thoroughly recommended.


Rating 5.0 | 07-16-2012
Review by Enoc F. in Kirkland, WA
Project: Build an Addition
It was a pleasure to have Jeff Nance do our addition on our home. He went beyond the job requirements and was very professional in all aspects of the job. I would highly recommend Jeff.


Rating 5.0 | 07-11-2012
Review by Nan L. in Snohomish, WA
Project: Build or Replace a Deck or Non-Masonry Porch
Jeff Nance was great! He honored his time commitment and made recommendations that saved us money. We are very pleased with the results!


Rating 5.0 | 06-08-2012
Review by Steve S. in Woodinville, WA
Project: Install or Replace Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding
Jeff Nance, owner of Intermountain, was personally involved in ever aspect of rebuilding the deck and removing the LP siding and replacing it with Hardy board. He subcontracted the painting and gutter replacement but was on hand for most of these procedures and personally pointed out oversights to the painting sub contractor. Mr Nance is a true professional in all aspects of home construction.


Rating 5.0 | 04-16-2012
Review by Richard K. in Kenmore, WA
Project: Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof
From start to finish, Jeff was a real pro. He came out in a very timely manner to look over my project and give me a bid. His bid was significantly better than the other contractors that looked at the job. He did everything he said that he'd do, using quality materials, and got the whole thing finished in a minimum amount of time. This guy is first rate and I'd use him again, for similar work, and will certainly recommend him to my friends.